New Kool Keith – Saks 5th Ave

Kool Keith Saks 5th Ave

The latest Kool Keith album is here for your listening pleasure. Saks 5th Ave was released on December 20th, 2019 via Volunteer Media. This 16 track masterpiece is loaded with fresh sounds, tracks, lyrics and production that is out of this world. The opening track Miami Mike is pure gold and sets the tone for the next 58 min of awesomeness. With the usual brilliant lyrics you can expect from Kool Keith, T-Mobile Connect screams 2020 with deep bass, excellent production, and tongue in cheek lyrics that you will figure out on the 2nd listen they are that clever. Brilliant. 

This album is fresh. Just looking at the fresh cover you know Keith means business with this new release. Check out the juxtaposition between the two cars on the cover. First, you have the classic aristocrat Rolls-Royce with two doves getting it on the hood, next to the Italian style race car in, “I have no fashion so I picked yellow”, trust fund yellow. Wait did he just say, “rappers bleach my jockstrap”? Oh, the lyrics on this album are awesome. Keith really did get into the flow on this one. The production is really great, deep…deep getting some chill vibes from Landon Price Beats, he bass is smooth as butter and deep.

This latest release from Kool Keith makes you go back through his legendary back catalogue and remind yourself what genius is. Keith is definitely back on top

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