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June 20, 2022

To Enter the Giveaway. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, become a member and enter your email at the link below.


To Register, please send a email to
la gold records @ gmail .com

You must include or it goes into spam/fake accounts section.

Subject: LA GOLD RECORDS SIGN UP + (your name)

In the body of the email.

Your name first and last:
Screen Name:
The instrument you play:
Favourite DAW:
and a little about yourself:
Writer, Producer, Musician etc.

*** You must include a short video introducing yourself. This must be a youtube link with you saying the words “Hello LA GOLD RECORDS” – This cuts down on spam. This cuts down on trolls. This cuts down on people who are not technologically advanced to use the forum. It can be in an unlisted setting that is fine. You must describe your musical stylings, ability and demonstrate some of these aspects. This is a participation community.

**You must audition to qualify.

We will review your application and send you a confirmation once you are processed. It’s easy. Please follow these steps as it helps with spam and other issues that take away from the music.

Enjoy and welcome to LA GOLD RECORDS!

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