Amazing Drum Cover – Delta Empire

Delta Empire - LA GOLD RECORDS

Amazing Strapping Young Lad (SYL) cover from Delta Empire

Review Below:

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It’s not every day you see a drum cover you randomly find on youtube makes you stop what you are doing.. call the rest of the office team over to watch the whole thing front to back, then repeat. This is exactly what happened here with Delta Empire’s drum cover of Strapping Young Lad’s Aftermath. It’s one thing to be filling the shoes of the great Gene Hoglan, but to hold it down like this… outstanding. Looks like someone has been practicing and knows what they are doing.

Coming from Spain and leaving a ton of mystery about everything else is intriguing. Delta Empire has collaborated with great artists like Ola Englund from the Haunted and Feared. We here at LA GOLD RECORDS hope to see and hear more from Delta soon…

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