eMusic Live | Said the Whale | Prism | Royal Oak

EMusic.com Live From Vancouver Featuring Said the Whale


EMusic.com Live From Vancouver Featuring Said the Whale
eMusic Live | Live From Vancouver Featuring Said the Whale

Live Online Concert in 2021! From a Proper Venue!

Miss live music? We do too! Lucky for us there is an online festival coming up this weekend April 23rd, 2021 to April 24th, 2021. This two-day (festival) includes Said the Whale, Prism and Royal Oak. It’s hosted on eMusicLive.com’s platform and is of great value. Tickets range from $6-$12 or you can get the festival package of all three for $20.

The three bands will perform live on stage in a historic Vancouver venue through a full PA and recorded through the console. So the sound quality is outstanding. The bands are rad and each a little different so it’s like a 3 band night (split in two because it’s 2021) but online and in your hand. We recommend listing through good speakers or quality headphones to get a better sound experience.

This live concert can be watched on any device including mobile, so you can have a drink in one hand and an awesome rock band in the other. Ok, that’s a bonus! The event will be streamed live being filmed and mixed live at a venue in Vancouver. It will be streamed in real-time so you get to watch the action as it happens.

With pro sound, lights and at a proper venue, it’s the real deal. There’s something magical that happens at historic venues. You can almost feel it when you walk in the door and you can hear it when bands record their shows there. The same is for killer studios that have that “vibe”, it’s hard to capture but when you do it and do it right it’s exciting and you can hear it. So we’re excited to check this out and experience live music (online) again after a bit of a pause. Stay tuned for our follow review and let us know what you’re thoughts! So let’s get our drinks ready and see you at the show (digitally).

Tickets available below:


You can either buy individual e-tickets for each event separately or purchase them as a festival package with some savings.

Said The Whale


Note: The latest release from Said the Whale is amazing, excellent production on this album. Link below: https://open.spotify.com/album/5UhE5hf2llLcepmQQeJ1Js



Royal Oak


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