L.A. Gold History | 10 Year Anniversary!


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As August 12, 2020, approaches so does our 10 Year Anniversary!

In 2009 Rushden& Diamonds recorded their debut record 2010 released in 2010. After that recording, Hank Stone moved to England and began performing and recording there. As a way for him to send full sessions, the entire sessions were uploaded to USB sticks as the internet is not what it is today and uploading massive 10GB sessions was too much of a strain on the already slow connections available. HSP productions and owner of LA GOLD RECORDS was started in 2004, getting more into recording in 2009. Borrelia Band also began sending tracks via USB sticks and snail mail back and forth to musicians in Canada, USA and England as each musician preferred to have their own full session files. This included all automation and effects that did not need to be bounced down or committed to tape.

During the 2012 recording fo the critically acclaimed British rock album The Aftermyth, witch was recording at Assault and Battery 2 in London England, the band Zodiac N Black hire American Alex Newport (The Mars Volta, The Melvins, and Sepultura) to mix the album at his studio in New York City. Again sending the entire session on a hard drive to NewYork. (The Album was also placed on 1″ Tape) One mixed sent back to London England for the final mastering and listening stages. As Hank Stone was playing bass on this record he was interested by the idea of interesting outside members into the recording process not just those directly in the band or group, song-writer and performer.

During a promotional gig for Zodiac N Black, Hank Stone met singing drummer Andrea Ianni, and began as a session bassist for Andrea. After a writing session by the Camden Market, Hank Stone was looking to record some songs for his album and Borrelia Band. Drums and bass were recorded at Britannia Row Studios in London England (Pink Floyd’s old studio). That weekend Hank Stone met Andy Zan at the Hard Rock Cafe afterparty for the Soundgarden Concert in Hyde Park. The two got along great.

As looking for a guitarist Hank Stone got the number of a UK session guitarist named Andy, and after a quick call decided to have him over to track some guitars at his flat in London. It wasnt’t until they saw each other outside did they realize that they already met that weekend at the Soundgarden Afterpary.

The very first thing Andy recorded is the beds from the Britannia Row . Below is that track.

Smashing. Straight out of the gate!! Perfect, everything recorded in that song was the first take. That’s what makes it insane. There are overdubs, but all the overdubs were just rocking performance.

As Hank Stone moved overseas, recordings began with Borrelia. This time via the internet.

The Birth of www.lagoldrecords.com

While studying Computer Science and Sociology in University, for the class of Entrepreneurship, Hank Stone developed and refined the concept of LA GOLD RECORDS as his final project. This was his proof of concept video for the class project. As it was only made as a class project it was never meant for public viewing. The song is from Olga Englund, and the video clips are from an assortment of youtube musicians all unrelated to LA GOLD RECORDS.


10 Year Anniversary | NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC | LA GOLD

Now 10 years later, what started as a “members only” club for musicians to write, create and record music online, is now open to the public. So join us online and create original content music with us from anywhere in the world. Meet other like-minded musicians looking to start a band and start it today. JOIN NOW

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