July Talk | New Album Review

July Talk - Pray For It | Album Review

New Alum Dropped July 2020

Pray For It | 2020

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The latest release from Toronto’s July Talk sounds like a band that has toured, matured and writing some really great songs. Are these new songs worthy of a Juno? No. A Grammy. Perhaps more advanced than the world is ready for… any music fanatic has seen that before.

July Talk is more than just an electric live band. They have the chops, sheer power and a hint of sophistication that helps them stand out in an overwhelming sea of new poppy/rocky/trendy/gimmicky/hookywithoutsubstance(y) labyrinth of discovering new music with substance. As a live band, they simply rock, and do it quite well. They have come a long way from their beginnings in 2012 and in a very good way.

With CVID19 here, you can still catch them live at the Drive-In concert happening tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12 & Thursday, August 13th, 2020.

Check out their full album here!


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