Unlock Superior Sound Quality with LA Gold Records’ Passive Transformer Direct Box!

A Game-Changer for Remote, Studio, and Stage Applications



Are you a musician, audio engineer, or live sound technician looking for the ultimate solution to achieve pristine sound quality? Look no further! Introducing LA Gold Records’ groundbreaking passive transformer direct box, designed to elevate your remote, studio, and stage applications to new heights.

Why You Need LA Gold Records’ Passive Transformer DI Box

In the world of professional audio, a direct input (DI) box is an essential tool for connecting unbalanced instrument outputs to balanced microphone preamp inputs. Whether you’re recording in the studio, performing live, or working on remote projects, LA Gold Records’ DI box is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Input Impedance: ~200k/800k Ohms (optimized for different mic preamps)
  • Transformer Turns Ratio: 12:1
  • Attenuation: 22dB/38dB (for both instrument and speaker inputs)

The Magic Behind Passive DI Boxes

Passive DI boxes, like LA Gold Records’ latest innovation, operate without any power supply. They rely solely on passive components, primarily a high-quality transformer, to solve common audio connection problems. Here’s why LA Gold Records’ DI box is a must-have:

Voltage Optimization

Instrument outputs can vary widely in voltage, potentially overwhelming sensitive microphone preamps. LA Gold Records’ DI box features a transformer with a 12:1 turns ratio, expertly reducing the voltage to safe levels. This ensures your preamps receive a perfectly balanced signal, free from distortion.

Perfect Impedance Matching

Maintaining the right impedance is crucial for sound clarity. The transformer in LA Gold Records’ DI box adjusts impedance by the square of its turns ratio, ensuring your instrument’s high output impedance matches perfectly with the low input impedance of microphone preamps. This results in a clean, undistorted signal every time.

Superior Ground Isolation

Ground loops can introduce unwanted hum and buzz into your audio setup. LA Gold Records’ DI box provides galvanic isolation, meaning it transfers the signal via electromagnetic induction without direct electrical contact. This eliminates ground loops, ensuring your audio is crystal clear.

Why Choose LA Gold Records’ Passive Transformer DI Box?

Adaptable Input Impedance

With an input impedance of ~200k/800k Ohms, LA Gold Records’ DI box can adapt to various microphone preamps, making it versatile for any audio setup.

Optimal Attenuation

Featuring 22dB attenuation for instrument inputs and 38dB for speaker inputs, this DI box handles a wide range of signal levels, ensuring optimal performance whether you’re connecting delicate instruments or powerful speakers.

Experience the Difference

LA Gold Records’ passive transformer direct box is the ultimate solution for achieving professional-grade sound quality in any setting. Its innovative design and superior components make it the perfect choice for musicians, audio engineers, and live sound technicians who demand the best.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your audio experience. Sign up now for the waitlist and be the first to get your hands on LA Gold Records’ revolutionary passive transformer direct box. Elevate your sound today!

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Experience the clarity, reliability, and unmatched performance of LA Gold Records’ passive transformer DI box. Your sound deserves nothing less!

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