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I had the unique opportunity to listen to an album before it had been released to the general public through the L.A. Gold Records Forum for session musicians and artists┬álink here. There are a lot of things on this recording that stand out as unique and creative as well as musical. There are two drummers on the record, the first being a session musician from around town on the track “One is 1”. The second is L.A. Gold Records session drummer Rizzo. Rizzo tracked the rest of the tracks with great speed. I was told he learned all the songs, rehearsed them, and tracked them in a few days time. Some of the recordings were his first take and his first time through the song.

We were really impressed by Rizzo and his drumming. He is now a member of the group because of his talents and being such a awesome guy – Hank

The debut record will be released at the L.A. GOLD RECORDS Live event, coming soon.

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