An online record club using a collective of musician members to achieve recorded live instrument solutions through internet technologies for original music created by members. Members submit their original song that is copyrighted through a PRO, to the database where other members record parts or re-record parts for the song and email it back.

Becoming a Member

As this club is not for everyone. It is not open to everyone. To become a member you must submit a demo reel of you playing. The founding members will then make a decision. You also will lose membership status is any of the “terms of service” are broken.

Members Audition

To apply to be a member, send an email with the subject DEMO(NAME) followed by your name. This can be audio and video or just audio. (mp4 and or .wav) If you are approved you will be given a test song to prove you have artistic merit and technical skills to produce radio quality music, with a focus on originality


Run by online session artist for artist. Its all about the music, the vibe, and the people behind the technology. Think analog, work Digitally.

If your here to make money as a session musician, this club is not for you. This is not Kijiji. This is an original musicians club to focus on original content and create art as an artist. There is no membership fee. Members do not pay for service nor get paid for service through the club. The only other transactions that occur is the sale and distribution of mechanical royalties, and copywriter royalties. Although making money is not the prime objective of this club. Sometimes it is a byproduct of making high-quality music. How it all works. We use .wav files to transfer the individual tracks back and forth. Using online technologies, making it an easy way to quickly interact with other musicians regardless of distance. The author of an original piece will submit a song where members will ask to record parts for. Then send them to a final mixer/editor/producer to make the final arrangements and finalize the song.

Original all the way

This club is exclusive to original artworks only. Submitted tracks must be registered with SoCan or an associated Performing Rights Organization (PRO) for copyright purposes. List of PRO’s HERE

The original author of the song must give approval in writing for members to “works for hire”/ work on the piece as part of a club project. Any instance of plagiarism may result in loss of membership. Inspired and similar works are fine, within reason and good taste. It will be up to Gold Members at LA GOLD RECORDS to decide what is acceptable. Equipment Members must be self-sufficient in recording and submitting their own stems or .wav files and have an interface. Members must have and know how to use recording software of their choice. Have the ability to email the .wav version and accept .wav files to record/re-amp their instrument or part, at a high-quality level. Get started! Sign up Here and become a member. Its free. Publishing All songs will be released through the LA Gold records label California publishing.

Remember To Include your ISWC Number

ISWC stands for International Standard Musical Works Code (ISWC) and is a unique identifier intended to identify a single musical work. This number will be used in communications between SOCAN, other PRO’s and third parties such as music publishers. The ISWC consists of the letter ‘T’ followed by nine digits and a numeric check digit.

You MUST include your ISWC number when submitting songs in the Forum

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