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Remote Reamping

Durring the early days here at LA GOLD RECODS, we used to reamp the bass and guitar tracks recorded durring scratch takes and send them overseas to our North American office to be reamped. This was a trial and error process with more errors than trial. Unsure of the process lots of mistakes were made and now we would like to pass this knowledge on to you and help you avoid some of the common mistakes when remote reamping.

What is Reamping?

Reamping is recording a very dry signal, as clean and pristine as possible for later running through an amp or preamp. This concept has evolved over the years to include adding effects and processing the signal chain at different stages to create unique and desired effects for different songs. It gives the artist creative freedom to experiment with the sound and change it later.

Here is a great example of how to record guitars from Fluff, one of the best online guitarists out there.


You may remember that the LA GOLD RECORDS theme song was recorded using this method. The additional guitars by Andy Zan were recorded in London England and reamped in North America through a marshall, mesa and 4×12 Marshall Cabinets via remote reamping at our Studio.

Send us your tracks

Traditionally LA GOLD RECORDS offered reamping free of charge only to its top members on a timed basis. Now LA GOLD RECORDS is offering reamping to all members who have been approved. Durring COVID 19 we are offering reamping of your tracks. All you have to do is send the tracks via the community forum with your requested settings. All tracks must be in .wav and 48 kHz, at 24bit for the highest quality.

Due to the high demand, your session is placed in a queue. When your session is recorded you will be notified via the LA Gold Records Community Forum.


We understand that with restrictions on anything from social distancing to travel you may be without a studio at the moment. Not everyone is blessed enough to have a pro studio in their garage. Your amp or studio may be downtown or unavailable at the moment. We got you. Use our studio, our amps. Let’s reamp together. *Current Members only*

Membership Has Its Privileges

When you sign up to LA GOLD RECODS you have the members only access to LA GOLD RECORDS reamping capabilities. This includes top of the line interfaces, amps, cabinets and microphones. The selection of gear changes so best to confirm your selection before submitting your track. Remember to aslo submit your recording notes such as, mic placement and amp settings.

Amps and Cabs

  • Marshal
  • Mesa Duel Rec
  • Fender Twin 1979 Vintage
  • Orange AD200B
  • Mesa MPulse 600
  • Galian Kruger RB1001
  • Mesa 8×10
  • Marshall 4×12


  • Senhinzer 421
  • Shure 57
  • Shure SM7B

Effects and Pedals

  •  Line 6 Multi-Effects
  • Tube Screamer
  • Boss DD3 Delay
  • SansAmp GT

** Only available for current members or new members who have joined in Jan-June 2020. This offer is currently for the month of JULY 2020. New members may experience delays, or may not get their tracks through the queue in time. We are working on expanding this service with more features. Stay tuned. ***

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