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Today we will be examining the top 5 ways to learn the guitar. The guitar is hard, the tuning can go out by heat in the room, too much or too cold. There’s the theory, rhythm, timing, chords, soloing and to top it off you can get serious blisters at the start. It is not easy. So we took to the task to break down the top 3 methods to learn guitar online in 2020. And with COVID-19 here, now is a great time to finally learn guitar.

Do you have your guitar face ready? Let’s get started… 

*Most of these top choices offer the same starting blocks for learning, however, we will go through the top reasons to choose each one that we found to be helpful in your musical journey.*

1 – Campfire Guitar Star

On the top of the list is our number one recommendation for beginners and advanced guitarists, Campfire Guitar Star taught by Canadian guitarist Will Ripley. Campfire Guitar Star offers a solid foundation for anyone looking to learn the guitar with an excellently thought out platform that offers significant value. One of the biggest highlights is the one-on-one private lessons. Lessons at the beginning are super helpful for just getting over roadblocks at the early stage and how to advance at the later stage. Guitar’s tend to stall at some point where their playing is no longer improving, one-on-one lessons are a great way to break through that creative roadblock. 


  • High-quality teachers 
  • Content
  • Method
  • Usability
  • Song choice
  • Webcam Lessons
  • One on one lesions (Private)

2 – JamPlay

Jamplay is an excellent choice. With over 7,466+ Guitar Lessons online and a ton to great teachers, you will find what you’re looking for here. The hardest part is figuring out where to start with so many options and paths. 


  • Wide selection of Teachers 100+
  • Different genres across the different teachers
  • Video lesson platform  | Easy to follow

3 – Guitar Mastery Method

In the third place is still another excellent choice, Guitar Mastery Method. You have probably seen the video ad’s on Instagram or youtube.  They have a lot to offer as well in terms of great videos on how to play guitar. They also include something called the “Blues Heatmap”. A great way to understand the blues and the notes your playing in an easy visual reference.  


  • Blues Heatmap PDF
  • Live video lessons

Other Methods

There are 1000’s of other methods to learn how to play the guitar online. We checked out tons of them and found these three to be our favourites. You could always just learning it on your own. (autodidact) That worked for Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. There is no right or wrong way to learn, just easier and better ways for you, the most important thing is that you have fun, and create wonderful music. 

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