Saturday March 28th Online Events

LA GOLD RECORDS - Live Online Events

Lots of great online events happening all over the world tonight. The La Gold records online Coachella style event was MASSIVE. Thanks to all the DJ’s from around the word and the fans who were there digitally. That was the final festival style for a bit as we prepare for the next online live event and record release. Stay tuned, and more towards the end of the week.

Next up for our review of “best of the week” we have a great duo of West coast music. Making a cool live facebook event. This was the best thing we saw all day. Link below and follow them on bandcamp =

If that’s not working check out their album below.

With a great genre bending sound, it’s complex yet elegant, melodic yet raw. This is perfect for cranking up and having a drink or 4 to. From the video it looks like they have some custom background work that is visually really cool too. With electronic and guitar in a really cool way. We are looking forward to hearing more of this for sure.

Thats it for this weeks reviews. If you have new music for us to review, remember to send it to LA GOLD RECORDS @ gmail . com

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