Space X Launches Rocket

Space X

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Watch Space X Launch their space rocket live!!!


This was a amazing piece of history. Elon Musk and his team have created a modern day monumental event. A historic event that will launch and foster creative endeavours of mass proportions of positivity and help move the human species towards a new age, the space age. For those who are here to witness this event live, remember this day as it is the day that we all can say, “we are together, we will move forward”. Space exploration should be our focus as humans, together we need to settle our differences and work together in harmony to ensure our survival. Earth is all our home, as as it ages and changes, we need to change our mindset, to love each person on this planet, and to help each other. Treat each other with respect and dignity and lend a hand to those who need encouragement and support. A time to end wars and unite together to explore brave new planets and achieve scientific breakthroughs that help, not destroy. It is our time to build the world we want to live in, by helping others.

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