Hey this track makes me feel better. I hope it makes you feel better too. Written By: Hank Stone Performed by: Hank Stone: Bass – Guitar – Vocals Andy Zan: Guitar Andrea Ianni: Drums

LA GOLD RECORDS represents the idea of why we musicians get into making music. Why musicians pile their belonging in a car and drive to NYC or LA or Toronto. But at their fingertips. When they get that song idea in their head and start recording it right away. Send to their fellow musicians to lay down drums, guitars, bass vocals…whatever. Its the idea that a #hit record can be recorded in a bedroom… or from pieces all around the world. LA as in L.A. (los) or la as in french la gold. Meaning anywhere in the world.

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If you are a musician, or know a musician who wants to record their songs, or wants to perform on a song. They need to be on www.lagoldrecords.com. They need to be recording now.

LA Gold records provide the human element in recording remotely. Musicians who sign up are connected to other musicians and songwriters from around the world. The writer of the song has writing ownership of the song, the remaining performers are exactly that, performers. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and musical dishonesty will result in a ban. It is up to the songwriter to keep track of this.

Mission Statement:

To bring musicians and songwriters together from around the world, in an environment that does not discriminate against, age, sex, orientation, race, disabilities and more. To remotely record and produce original content that is credited to the author and performance/performers are recognized. Enabling songwriters full access to musicians that propel their art and for musicians a place to work with songwriters on creating a catalogue of published original songs.

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